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21 November, 2015

(Svenska) Kylan kryper närmare

5 October, 2015

Indian summer…

Let us just say thank you and enjoy those wonderful Indian Summer Days, irrisistable sky and beautiful colours.
Last Saturday we even had a guest who went swimming in the Sea…
Rather brave, considering that you have to walk “halfway to Denmark” to get a swim as it is so shallow!

Now it´s time to prepare the garden for autumn. A small and tiny little rose has been flowering all summer and now it starts all over again. It is full of the most irresistible flower buds in romantic lovely pink colours…

Carl was assigned to dig a huge hole  under the oak tree and plant it there. This was esier said than done! As soon as you dig the tiniest hole there are stones and stones… again and again. Big, big stones!
We had to takemore than one coffee break under the oaktree…
The rest of the day we had to water and water all flowers and also pick some tomatoes! Is there anything better than your own tomatoes ripened in the sun?

1 September, 2015

(Svenska) Sommaren 2015

30 July, 2015

(Svenska) Så är den då tillbaka igen… sommaren