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15 February, 2020

No winter this year…

No snow and no ice this winter, but a lot of rain.
Though in between also lovely days with  beautiful weather and warming sunshine.
Lots of spring flowers are already here… just like the deers.
They always try to get into our garden and eat all flowers… and very often they succeed.
It dosn´t matter how many and how high fences we put up…
Nothing stops us either from our daily walk down to the beach.
It´s wonderfull to have the ocean so close…

20 November, 2019

Every time of the year is amazing


Surely that´s true… every time of the year is the best time and we all have our favourites.
Lots of people like autumn, when the air is crispy and easy to breathe
when the nature puts on the most beautiful coloured chlothes and life calms down a little bit.


9 August, 2019

Still summertime…








… some weeks we still have summer and we love it!
And so does the little fox living next door on Grimsholmens Nature reserve.
He is not very shy… I don´t know if that is so good…
But he is adorable!

14 June, 2019

Summer, summer, summer…

Finally summer is here! The summer we all are longing for!  Now it´s the right time for long lovely walks on the shore, stroll in the water´s edge, enjoy a picnic on the beach meadow, let your eye rest in the horizon line… just catch the moment an enjoy…