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9 August, 2019

Still summertime…








… some weeks we still have summer and we love it!
And so does the little fox living next door on Grimsholmens Nature reserve.
He is not very shy… I don´t know if that is so good…
But he is adorable!

14 June, 2019

Summer, summer, summer…

Finally summer is here! The summer we all are longing for!  Now it´s the right time for long lovely walks on the shore, stroll in the water´s edge, enjoy a picnic on the beach meadow, let your eye rest in the horizon line… just catch the moment an enjoy…


19 January, 2019

Every month has its own charm…

A little Swedish poem about the months:
Januari börjar året
Februari kommer näst
Mars, april har knopp i håret
Maj och juni blommar mest
Juli, augusti och september härlig sommar är det då
Men oktober och november och december de är vackra de också…

9 December, 2018

Winter time


Winter time is not the time of the year I like the most.
But… when it´s like this I just fall in love!
This is the mouth of Suseån on a Sunday in December.
Nature can be indescribably beautiful!