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30 July, 2017

Sunny summertime


Finally summer again… Swedish summer!
Sunny and warm, but sometimes also rainy and windy.
But we love it the way it is!

8 May, 2017


Det knoppas och spirar överallt... Gäller att njuta här och nu, för ... underbart är kort!

Just amazing what happens in nature at this time of year…

2 March, 2017

Spring is in the air!




Spring is in the air… and there are so many things to do in the garden!
We love it and one of our cats (Musse) loves it too… or he likes watching us, I mean.

In between we take a break and make a stroll along the beach.
It is truly a privilege too live in the middle of he nature with the Sea just around.

This is our own little paradise and we would love to share it with you!


We wish you A Very  Warm Welcome!


6 January, 2017





Just an amazing winter afternoon along the river Suseån.
I met a whole swan family on their walk on the thin ice down to the open water in the sea.