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1 September, 2011

Autumn in Grimsholmen

September, October and November are the autumn months at the coast. In September it is still warm and sunny ever so often, the sea still has a comfortable temperature for swimming and it is nice to take a bath.

In October, the air is clear and clean and you can watch the migrating birds pass by while the days get shorter.

Nature is very capricious and in November, all of a sudden, a storm comes up.

Then the sea is wild, the seagulls fight against the wind and we are happy to be watching from the warm breakfast room.

15 June, 2011

(Svenska) En bild säger mer än tusen ord…

4 June, 2011

(Svenska) Sommar, sommar, sommar…

11 May, 2011

(Svenska) Himmelsblått och solskensgult…