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26 February, 2012

Spring is blue!

Blue, blue winds and waters, blue blue skies and seas…

These words wrote a Swedish singer some years ago.

Just now it´s exactly like that here on Grimsholmen…

And exactly here I want to be!

13 February, 2012


30 January, 2012

Same sun, same winds…

The same friendly sun that warms the Sri Lankan beaches and provide a daily temperature of 32 degrees,
light intensively over Grimsholmen, but only results in a temperature of just above zero at noon

The same warm breeze that caresses the shores of the Indian Ocean
blows ic cold across Kattegatt.

Just returned from a wonderful holiday in the sun we were hit by a cold shock.

We will have to put on our long underwear and warm pants, gloves and dual hoods to keep warm. We do and take our daily walks …. and in a way… it’s just great!
The days are longer now, nearly half an hour since last week!
The sun rises just after eight and sets at five o’clock.
There is hope for a brighter future!

6 January, 2012

(Svenska) Tänk att få vakna…