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22 June, 2012

Nothing is like a Swedish summer…

This is my favourite spot in our garden just now…  I love the scents of roses, mint and violets, the buzzing bumblebees among the lilies and cornflowers and the sweet tast of the strawberries …

Just loving it!

8 May, 2012

Sunshine in the lawn…

Dandelions in the green lawn …
I think it’s beautiful …
Just as it says in a very Swedish song:
“I let all my dandelions exist,
though I know they are called weeds and should be rooted out.
But it’s so nice to remember,
sunshine in the lawn when summer is over … “

Tried to make dandelion jam today! Super Good…try it for yourself!

You need two apples, one lemon, 250 grams dandelion flowers, about 5dl water and 5 cups jam sugar.

Clear dandelion flowers, only the yellow petals is included. (This moment was all that was hard!) Cut the apples into small cubes, wash the lemon and grate the yellow shell. Share the lemon and squeeze out the juice. Put everything in a saucepan and pour in the water. Bring to  boil and simmer about 30 minutes. Strain through colander and squeeze so that the apple pieces go through. Bring to a boil again with jam sugar. Let cool and pour in sterilized jars.

This afternoon I´ll make us a cup of  “afternoon tea”  with freshly baked scones and dandelion jam!

1 May, 2012

Spring in Grimsholmen

March, April and May are delightful months here on the coast. In our garden and in the surroundings you will find a lot of spring flowers like wood anemone, crocus, iris,

violets and lily of the valley.

The beach meadows are covered by a blanket of pink thrift and the air vibrates with the songs of returning birds.

And when… on one of the first warm spring evenings you  hear the song of the lark’s  you really know that spring is here!

10 March, 2012

(Svenska) 20-årsjubileum!