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7 April, 2013

(Svenska) Så var den då äntligen där…

1 March, 2013

Spring is here…

Finally spring has come to Grimsholmen and we all love it!

Although you still have to put on your winter coat, but the air is full of  expectations, birdsong and sunshine…

I  follow the small path up to Smörkull to see if you can catch a glimpse of Kullaberg, about 100 km to the south. The air is crisp, the sky blue and there it is in the distance!

But, my camera is not good enough …. Can not catch Kullaberg…I have to wish me a new one for my birthday!

I go down the hill and take the path towards Veka Beach.

There is no ice on the river and there is glitter in the water… just lovely this very morning!

On the opposite side of the rive , someone with a fishing rod is trying to catch something tasty for lunch.

At the beach there is still a lot of ice. It will probably take days for the sun to melt all of it.

I´m a bit hungry, so I decide to take the nearest road home again.

I do hope Carl has prepared breakfast!

25 January, 2013

Cold, cold, cold…

I wake up to a freezing cold but amazing beautiful January morning.
The thermometer shows -15 degrees Centigrade at eight o’clock and Carl refuses morning walk today, so off I go on my own then …
It´s really cold this morning and I regret that I did not bring a warm scarf to cover my mouth and nose. But when I get into the pine forest it gets better.
There are lots of tracks from deers, foxes, rabbits and hares all over the forest.
Down by Suseån (the river), where the water is still partly open,
I can glimps three swans and a flock of ducks in the morning mist.
Traces of large hooves in the snow tell me that a moose went down to the sea, and then returned back into the forest.
I go further across the long sandy beach, across the small footbridge and meadows to
the beach just below our B & B, where we usually swim.
Not very inviting on this cold morning …

When I get home, there is a crackling fire in the stove, the coffee is fresh and the baguettes still warm from the owen.
What a wonderful start of a Friday morning …

4 January, 2013


During Christmas Eivor och Sture Björnson visited us.
After some days we got a Cd with lots of lovely pictures taken by Sture.
You can find some of them below…
Thank you Sture for letting us use your pictures on our homepage!