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3 January, 2014

Happy New Year!

We wish you A Very Happy New Year and A Very Warm Welcome to Grimsholmen Bed & Breakfast By The Sea!

Pictures below is from the celebration at New Years Eve.
We always invite our guests to take part if they want to…

24 November, 2013

A Peaceful Time

The biggest and longest holiday of the year is the magical Christmas of Sweden. The excitement begins the first Sunday of Advent with the lighting of the first Advent candle. Each Sunday prior to Christmas, another candle is lit with growing anticipation.

Every Swedish cuisine is filled with the scent of homemade “Pepparkakor” (gingerbread cookies) and “Lussekatter” (a kind of saffron buns).

Feasting and celebrating begin on December 13 with Lucia Day, which legend says is the longest night of the year and a time when man and beast need extra nourishment.

A Lucia (Queen of Light) is chosen from each home, club, school, etc. She is dressed in a white gown with a crown of candles in her hair. She brings coffee, lussekatter, pepparkakor, and occasionally “glogg” (a mulled wine). She is generally accompanied by a train of white-clad attendants. The girls wear glitter in their hair and the boys wear tall paper cone hats decorated with stars. While delivering their precious fare, they sing traditional Lucia carols.

13 October, 2013

(Svenska) Nu är det höst!

16 September, 2013

(Svenska) Sommaren var lång…