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21 July, 2018

It goes on and on and on…

The summer that never ends…
“Wonderful is short” you say, but as I write this we have just had sunny and warm days since the beginning of May. It has to be remembered when the rain and storms are coming in the autumn…skarvik

20 June, 2018

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine…

Oh, what a beautiful summer….
Since the beginning of May, just lovely weather, blue sky, sunshine all day, hardly any winds and lovely warm water in the sea…

Underneath some pictures from the garden


24 April, 2018



Magnolia –
these wonderfully beautiful spring trees that make us almost breathless and burst into one and another aaaahh and ooohhh when they bloom.

The large leaves are also beautiful when they come and have the advantage
that they are usually steered by both deer and hare.
Fits us perfectly, as we now and then have them
as guests in our garden!


22 February, 2018

Something between winter and spring

It´s a lovely morning and we´re waiting for our breakfastguests to arrive.
There is a smell of coffee and homemade bread in the air and the view is magnificent…